1Training needs: The voice of banker
Kajal Srivastava & Athar Mahmood
2Justification of Consumer Purchase Decision: A comparative study of consumer’s
satisfaction with more information and less information.
Dr. Uma Gulati
3Does life style predict components of Psychological well-being among college students?
Mandeep Sharma & NovRatten Sharma
4Glass ceiling: A review
Sakshi Seth
5Millennials meet generation X: A comparative study on the employees’ value at
Bighnesh Dash Mohapatra
6Real Election Vs Virtual Elections
Ugyal T. Lama (Yolmo)
7Is childlessness a reflection of narcissism: A comparative study
Shuvabrata Poddar, Prof. Nilanjana Sanyal & Mrs. Urbi Mukherjee


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