1Music Bands and Identity In Youth
Naomi D'souza and Sujata Sriram
2A Study on Factors Influencing Customer Purchase Decision towards Life Insurance
Vikas Gairola and A.B. Thapliyal
3Personality Traits and Prosocial Behavior: Gender and Age Differences
Ulfat Jaan, Aalima Shah, Uroosa farooq and Munazah khan
4A Study of Relationship Between Marital Satisfaction, Perceived Level of Career Success and Agreeableness among Educated Individuals
Mrs. Rajashree Kapure and Dr. Anagha Lavalekar
5Psycho-Spiritual Intervention on Psychological Well –Being of Visually Impaired Adolescents.
Anamika Mishra and Dr. Anuradha Kotnala
6Effect of Spiritual Environment on Mental Health
Mrs. Gitika Kashyap
7Concept and Critical Issues in Andragogy
Shri Shirish K. Shitole
8Cultural Globalization and Role of Media
Dr Keerty Goyal


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