1Perception of family environment by adolescent's abused during childhood
Dr. Damanjit Sandhu and Shubhdip Kaur
2Study of theacher empowerment in reference to administrative behavior of school heads
Priya Pathak Shukla and Dr. Vandana Goswami
3Anxiety and aggression among female adolescent survivors of child abuse: Impact of psychological intervention
Chindhu. S. and Dr. T. Mythili
4Patterns of mobility and change among the Meos of Mewat in medieval India
Pragyan Choudhary
5Adolescent physical activity in relation to problem behavior and coping
Dr. Damanjit Sandhu, Haroon Shafiq and Shubhdip Kaur
6A study of social networking addiction and sleep deprivation among nursing students in Goa
Rev. Fr. Jeronimo D'Silva
7Women mental health care issue: A case reoport
Shridevi Biradar and Sunanda G.T.
8Role of yoga and meditation in enhancing quality of life of adult women
Moni Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar and Asha Lata
9Positive organizational behavior: Examining of occupation level on psychological well-being and psychological empowerment
Dr. Itisha Nagar and Sakshi Malhotra
10Effect of antioxidants on ageing process
Vinita Tomer and Dr. Sonika Choudhary
11Role of acceptance and rejection model of parenting in the adjustment of adolescents
Avinash Chandra
12A comparison between central / state police personnel and civilians on quality of life
Dr. Anagha Lavalekar, Sanhitta Karmalkar and Kanchan Pande
13Popularity of private schools in West Bengal: Uncovering the myth
Abdur Rafique


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