1Music Engagement, Music Preferences and Functions of Music Listening
Durgesh K. Upadhyay
2Quality of Life Amongst Pong Dam Oustees
Roshan Lal Zinta & Kshitij Nadda
3Family Relationship and Social Behavior in Students
Bhagyashri K. Aashra & Dr. Yogesh A. Jogsan
4Perception And Prevalence Of Spousal Violence: Evidence From Tamilnadu
Dr. A. K. Ravisankar
5A Study of Anxiety and Social Adjustment among Married and Unmarried Women
Amitkumar B. Parmar & Dr. Yogesh A. Jogsan
6Stress and Mental Health among Private and Government Teachers
Amitkumar B. Parmar & Dr. Yogesh A. Jogsan
7Intrinsic Motivation and Organizational Performance
Rama Shankar Yadav & Vikash Kumar
8Development And Standardization Of Mysore Triguna Scale—Advanced
Dr. Shilpa S & Prof. C. G. Venkatesha Murthy
9Locus of Control as a Predictor of Indian College Students’ Attitudes
Dr. Nina B. Eduljee
10A Comparative Study on Working and Non working married women on the level of Marital Adjustment, Anxiety and Guilt
Ms. Shaily Singh & Dr. Nishi Tripathi
11Perception Of AIDS Patient’s Attitudes Towards Their Clinicians: Factor Analysis Approach
Rakesh Kumar Saroj, Avadhesh Kumar & Mukesh Kumar


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