1Emotional Intelligence and Home Environment as Predictors of Social Competence
Rupinder Kaur and Dr. Gurmit Singh
2Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Occupational Stress at Workplace: A Study on BPO Executives
Vishnu Narayan K.
3Paranormal Psychology: A Pseudoscience
Dr. Meghmala. S. Tavaragi and Mrs. Sushma C.
4Coping Strategies and Impulse Control Level of Trauma Affected Subjects
Rachana Kumari and Anjana Mukhopadhyay
5Psoriasis- Beyond Skin -Towards Holistic Treatment Approach
Dr. C. Sivakumar
6Emotional Self Efficacy as Predictor of Turnover Intention Of Managerial Personnel
Dr. A.P. Singh and Anand Prakash Dubey
7An Exploratory Study on Marketing Strategies of Luxury Brands – An Indian Perspective
Hemanth Y
8Indian Preferences for Family Environment: An Empirical Study
Amit Kumar Tripathi
9Book Review: Urban Geography
Dr. Rambooshan Tiwari


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