1Child Abuse: As A Predictor of Mental Health In Adolescents
Dr. Manoj Kumar Rao & Dr.Preeti Tamta
2Examining Group Differences In General Intelligence of Senior Secondary School Students Studying Science, Commerce, and Arts: Is Our Education System Engaging In Ability Grouping?
Ms. Itisha Nagar
3HIV/AIDS Vulnerability and Educated Young Adults
Aparna Bhattacharya & Archana Shukla
4Effective Parenting: A Master Key
Rakesh Kumar Maurya
5Dimensions of Students’ Quality of School Life: A Review
Dekhane Pooja B.
6Study on Achievement Motivation In Relation to Achievement In Mathematics Among XI Standard Students In Puducherry
Vijayapriya. C. & Dr. N.O. Nellaiyapen
7Turnover Intention In Indian BPO Employees: Does It Change By Their Happiness?
Jay Singh & Ranjana Mittra
8Ways to Improve Lesson Planning of Student Teachers of B.Ed Programme: Issues and Suggestions
Ms. Smrutirekha Nayak
9Climate Change: A Major Challenge to Planet Earth
Satyabrata Samal
10Inclusive Development and Social Exclusion: Some Theoretical Dimensions
Geetika Yadav
11Personality and Mental Health In Working and Non Working Women
Dr. Rekha Sharma & Dr. Daljit Singh


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