1Reliability and Validity of Two Scales of Employee Engagement
Sanket Sunand Dash & Rama Shankar Yadav
2Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA): An Evaluation from Employment and Finance Perspective
Anand Sharma
3A Correlational Study Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction
Daljit Singh, Puneet, Sushil & Ajay Tayal
4Creativity Factors of Blogging Among Women Students
Dr. Meharunnisha M
5Vulnerability of The Indian Rupee – Economic Impact on The Present and Implications for The Future
Dr.(Mrs.) Medha.J. Gupte
6Enhancing the life skills in Patients with Cancer and Other Chronic Illness
Dr.G.Padmaja, Dr.B.Sushma & C.Vanlalhruaii
7A Study on the Impact of Media Violence Exposure on Aggression, Anxiety and Hostility among Adolescent Students.
Ms. Priya Magesh &Ms. Madheer Shameem
8Perception of Quality of Work Life among Managers of Private and Public Undertakings
Amjad Ali &Abu Sufiyan Zilli
9Construction of a Psychological Tool for Assessing Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents and Adult Population
Rinju George & Dr. Baby Shari. P. A
10Differences Between Faculties of Study, Computer Ownership and Computer Efficacy for Indian College Students
Dr. Nina B. Eduljee
11Health Facility Disparities at PHC Level: A Comparative Study Between Andhra Pradesh and Bihar
Dr. N.Ravichandran


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