1Personal Values: A comparison of street children and children of low income group
Dr. Gargee Gopesh & Dr.Meena Mathur
2Market readiness for virtual reality technology in education restricted to Chennai city
Dr. T. Girija & Jahadish.S
3Cognitive Measures of ADHD Prone Children
Mahesh Kumar Singh & Dr. Anjana Mukhopadhyay
4Intervention strategies to improve handling style of parents of children with autism and autism prone
Dr. Seema Srivastava & Dr. Anjana Mukhopadhyay
5Intra-Parental Violence: Impact of Exposure on Children
Dr. Seema Naaz
6Work- family conflict and job satisfaction as a predictor of employee’s turnover intention
Dr. Pankaj Tripathi & Dr. Neena Kohli
7Perfectionism and well-being among college students
Sonali Kondal, Akanksha Tripathi & Geeta Bhagat
8Exploring the socio-psychological determinants of decision-making of victims of domestic
violence in alternative dispute resolution systems
Dr. Swikar Lama


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