1Household Stress and Mental Health among Female Teachers and Bank Employees
Suneeta Yadav & Reeta Kumar
2Correlates of Emotional Intelligence In Relation to Academic Performance of College Students
Namrata Punia, Dr. Jayanti Dutta & Dr. Yukti Sharma
3Implementation of National Food Security Mission : A Kerala Experience
Mr.Ansil K & Mr.Lims Thomas
4Role of Emotional Intelligence in Juvenile Sexual Offenders: A Critical Appraisal
P. K. Saha, M. Tyagi & P. Tomar
5Quality of Human Capital And Economic Growth: A Theoretically Approved But Empirically Nuanced Relationship
6Sex Differences In Intellectual Functioning: Dispelling The ‘Male Advantage’ Myth
Itisha Nagar
7Burnout of Special Educators With Reference to The Parents’ Educational Level And Financial Status
Kasturi Kulkarni
8Irrational beliefs, Attachment style and Marital adjustment among Married Couples across Religions
Priya Magesh, Varsha.G, Mrudula Arunkumar, & Shefaley Phebe.K
9Voucher and School Choice Initiatives: A Study in the Private Schools in Hyderabad
Dr. S.V. Gomathi & Dr. V. Sudhakar
10Sustaining Happiness and Wellbeing: An Indigenous Perspective
Itisha Nagar


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