1Future of Green Cars In India
Kavita Sagar
2The Perceptions of Old Age Through a Developmental Lens
Ms. Namrata Punia
3Monsanto: The Great Institutional Strategist
José G. Vargas Hernández
4Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Among The Organization In Manipur
Kh.Tomba Singh & M. Raju Singh
5Importance of Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Patients With Cancer In India
Vijay Prasad Barre, Manjunath, R. B. & Megha, S. Tavaragi
6Pattern of Self-motives in Tharu and Gond Tribes
Ved Prakash Rawat
7Assessment of the effectiveness of the Language Capsule; Teaching English through Simulated Environment
Mrs. Swati Gokhru, Dr. Subhash Sharma & Dr. Aparna Sharma
8Employability of Educated Indian Youth
Dr. (Mrs.) Medha. J. Gupte
9A Healthy Teacher Nurtures a Healthy Child- Introducing good Socio- emotional health practices in the curriculum of pre-service Teachers
Dr. Priya Nair
10Sports Psychotherapy: Challenges for the Sports Psychologist
Akbar Husain and Mohd. Jasimuddin Khan
11A Study on the Effect of Psychological Intervention on Test Anxiety among Adolescents students
Ms. Priya Magesh
12Hopelessness, Depression and self esteem of HIV+ Patients of Tripura
Dr.Arpita Acharya & Chandrima Chakraborty


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