1Can Forgiveness Help In Dealing With Anger? Exploring The Relationship
Varsha Singh
2Cognitive Development And Fears Among Children
Ravi Bhushan Prasad
3Teaching Health Psychology: Critical Perspectives
4Social Support, Social Network And Negative Social Interaction Among Patients With Depression And Their Relationship To Disability
lalitha sudheer and P. Pangajam
5Employees Psychological Well-Being: Role of Emotional Intelligence
PankajTripathi and Neena Kohli
6Anxiety Among Diabetic And Asthmatic Patients
Ira Sharma, Ashok Parasar and Deapti Mishra
7Juvenile Delinquents: A Study
Kalpana Singh and S.K Srivastava
8Quality Of Life And Depressive Symptoms Among The HIV Patients
Charushila Kadu, Ashok Parasar, Dinesh Niak and Deapti Mishara
9Exploring daily practices of care by siblings caregivers in slums and jhuggies of Delhi
Varuna Nagpal and Shraddha Kapoor
10Temporal Continuity in Emotional Facial Expression and Emotional Naturalistic Scene Perception: A Behavioral Analysis
Proshanto kr. Saha and Siddhi shah


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