1A Study On Emotional Intelligence And Self Monitoring Among Civil Service Aspirants
A.Madalaimuthu & D. V. Nithyanandan
2Relationship between Body Image Disturbances and Quality of Marital Life among women suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome
Dr. Rahiba Sultana
3Relationship Between Theory Of Mind, Intelligence And Social Adaptive Behavior Among Prescool Children.
Ms. Upasana Bondopadhyay, Ms. Rashmi Pandey
4Environmental Behaviour of the Senior Secondary Students
Dr. Shriti Choudhary & Ms. Anjani Jyoti Toppo
5A study of Parent-Child Relationship among boys and girls
D.r Azara Parveen & Kiran Joshi
6Need of mental health services for older adults
Sunanda.G.T, Sridevi R Birdar & Susheelkumar. V. Ronad
7Perception of aging and mental health issues in traditional Indian family
Shridevi B Biradar & Sunanda.G.T
8Intimate partner violence in view of marital rape: Its psychological repercussions
Decency Rajput
9A study on the effect of Psychological Intervention on Self-esteem and Assertiveness among Bullied Adolescents
Ms.Priya Magesh


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