1Subjective well-being: The cultural framework
Krishna Kumar Mishra
2Tradition and Modernity: A Critical Review by Sudhir Kakar
Dr. Durgesh K. Upadhyay and Dr. Manish K. Gaurav
3Emotional Intelligence of Higher Secondary Students In Relation to Their Family Environment
Dr. M. Amirtha and Dr. S. Kadhiravan
4Conceptualization of Terrorism: An Intercommunity Study
Dr. Anubhuti Dubey and Pratima kumari
5Impact of Gratitude Therapy on Body Dysphoria: A Study on College Students in Goa
Cindy H.H. D’Silva and Dr. Shanmukh V. Kamble
6Career Planning in Organizations: What is Being Done and What Needs to be Done
Dr.Kedar Nath Yadav
7Techno-learning: A Vision of Teacher Education
Dr. Mohd. Talib Ather Ansari
8Job satisfaction and Self Esteem among Government Middle School Teachers
Dr. Humera Shafi, Shujaat Qadir Shawl and Altaf Ahmad Tantray
9Religiosity – A Convenient Fiction For A Neurotic?
Dr.Tarika Sandhu and Ms. Shaina Kapoor
10A study of Locus of control, Anxiety & Aggression among college students
Dr. Touseef Rizvi and Ms. Saima Beigh
11Emotional Intelligence at Work Place
Ankit Thareja
12Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) and Job Involvement: Exploring the Relationship
A.K. Dubey and Prof. A.P. Singh
13Unconstructive Differential Behaviour Among New Age Adolescents
Rajesh Verma, Dr. Rakesh verma and Sujit verma
14A Study On The Attitude Towards Adventure- Seeking Behaviours In Adolescents
Priya Magesh and Nasrin Shifa
15Business Ethics in Indian Settings
Anshul Jaiswal
16Impact of Meaning in Life on Depression among Breast Cancer Patients
Dr. Shiksha Anand


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