1Adjustment and Retirement Satisfaction among Male Retirees with High and Low Levels of Agreeableness
Parul Srivastava and Reeta Kumar
2Perceived Role Expectations and Mental Health Status of PAC, Civil Police and Traffic Police
Mahesh Kumar Maurya and Manisha Agarwal
3Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: A Review
A.K. Dubey and A.P. Singh
4Anger and Violence in Partition Literature
Madhu Sharma
5Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction of School Teachers
Richa Chaturvedi
6E- Tourism- An Innovative Approach in Service Sector
Mohammed Naveed U
7Spatio-temporal Changes of Land Use and Land Cover In East Kolkata Wetland
Munmun Banerjee
8Study of Employed women & Role Stress As wife (Comparative Study of their working sector, Duration of Employment & Personality Type)
Meenakshi Bajpai and Niranjana Shukla
9Emotional Stability, Self-efficacy and Health
Puja Kumari Khilwani
10Role of Wisdom in Searching Life Satisfaction And Happiness among Elderly Men
Ankita Sharma
11Effects Of Work Motivation And Organizational Justice On Organizational Citizenship Behavior Among Manegerial And Non- Menagerial Employees
Abhishek Sharma


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