Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) aims at promoting the communication of scientific research in humanities and social sciences by focusing on fostering networking and collaboration among interest groups and professionals from different streams of science, policy makers, NGOs and industry and working in close collaboration with scientific organizations and the industry in development and implementation of innovative products & services. Prominent emphasis is on acting as a common guiding platform for prospective students and researchers by organizing field projects such as workshops, seminars and lectures on recent advancements in scientific research and development in different fields, disseminating knowledge by publishing brochures, periodicals, and journals, creating an exclusive web site for the association and regularly updating it with news of concerned fields, and navigate funds, endowments for the promotion of different scientific fields in our association. At broader level association aspire be able to spearhead the development of appropriate clinical and industry policies and standards.




Humanities and Social Science Studies (HSSS) is a biannual (June & December)  peer-reviewed research journal that provides a publication outlet for empirical, conceptual and review papers of exceptional quality in the fields of humanities and social sciences. It is an interdisciplinary journal directed towards academics, research and application. Motivation for publishing this journal is to disseminate new ideas and research papers (with strong emphasis on realism of analysis, provision and use of empirical evidence) which have broad relevance to the working and development of various aspects of humanities and social sciences. Specific attention of the journal is to provide an intellectual platform for young researchers and fresher’s to unleash their untapped potentials, and recognizing themselves at their embryonic stages, and to communicate scientific findings and interpretations relevant to pressing social issues in a non-technical manner but without the sacrifice of professional standards. To facilitate the rapid publication of high-quality articles, the Journal has several section editors and reviewers who review manuscripts in their area of expertise.  We have the luxury of devoting substantial time and effort to cultivating our publishing relationships and to provide personal attention and responsiveness to your publishing needs.

HSSS aims to contribute for better understanding and wisdom to the all fields of social science and humanities.

HSSS prides itself on offering:

  • Responsive and flexible editorial and publishing support;
  • Open and collaborative partnerships with editors and societies;
  • High quality editorial production and printing;
  • Targeted marketing to the widest possible audience;

The author(s) can submit their manuscript covering any of the following areas.

Media studiesCorporate governanceGeographyInternational relations
Organizational BehaviorHuman Resource ManagementEducationConsumer Behavior
SociologyEconomicsPublic administrationLaw
Social work

All the manuscript should be uploaded / submitted in soft-copies to submission@hsssjournal.com Articles submitted within due date will be considered for publication in current issue. Author(s) must ensure that the manuscript is an original work and is not submitted for publication elsewhere. The research paper submitted by the authors' will undergo a review process to ensure publication of high quality work.